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I've been playing a lot of Minecraft recently and have also been uploading the gameplay to my youtube channel…
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Hey everyone,

Today I'm here to tell everyone I got a store on CafePress called ChibiTowers which you can check out . Not much their now but be sure to check out my Warrior Of The Stars series in the mean time and I'll be sure to add more designs soon. Also I'm working on stuff for my Chibi-Creations blog as well.

For the most part my other blogs are pretty much in the way, for if I can't get one blog of the ground their is no point on doing more at the same time. So I'm just concentrating on Chibi-Creations right now when it comes to my blogs. Also once I finally get it off the ground and running great, I'm thinking I'll purchase a website domain and do even more. After all I'm trying to make a living here.

I'm also working on my plan for all this and writing down what I'm doing and will be changing it as things happen to get it down to a science. Once I finally become a success I will reveal my strategy for all.
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After much time not doing much in the way of creating things and trying different things out. I think I might of finally found my medium for my work.
I'm going to stop  work on the other blogs I have and focus on this one, which is pretty much them combined into a better package. There may be a few bugs on the site which I will get to when I find them (these bugs caused by the move).

I will be posting my work there and I will be more open to what I'm making by posting updates of the work. I'm still going to be making comics but I'm changing it around a bit.

If you want more information on the change check out this post…

To see the front Page of the new blog click

So check out the site new stuff will be added more frequently now.
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If you wish to follow my work and anything else I have to say you can at my blog…
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I have started making sprite comics on a new blog of mine, which you can check out

I have a few going on at the moment but what I'm really trying to work on is a Kirby one. On a certain forum I asked if I could use some fan kirby's people had made. If you have a fan Kirby and you would be willing to let me use it, let me know. Oh and credit will be given to those who do.
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If you would like to read articles by me or if you'd like to hear one of my short stories than just follow this…
  • Playing: Pokemon
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A reminder I have some blogs.

If you wanna follow my art and photos follow…

If you wanna follow what I have to say about Video Games click this one

Wanna follow what I have to say about Anime follow here chibikage89animeblog.blogspot.…

For everything else

And if you want me to give my opinion on something just ssk.
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For the past few months I have been making money taking surveys and reading email. If you would also like to make some cash here are a few links.…

Try then out. And see if you like them.
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I have opened a new blog to show off my photos as well as some stories that may go with them.…

And keep in mind you can also check out my gaming blog here.
  • Watching: old American cartoons
  • Playing: Sonic 4
My blog has become the place where I will discuss old and new games and give my opinion.
I will do my best to keep it updated so check it out.
  • Watching: old American cartoons
  • Playing: Sonic 4
check it out at
  • Watching: old American cartoons
  • Playing: Sonic 4
Just got Metroid Other M. It's pretty good.
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  • Playing: Metroid Other M
Entering the laptop skin design contest with a few more entries.
I bet I'll lose.
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Another day of nothin.
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Thanks Twisticide for the support. I actually have a hard time talking with others, but I do my best.
Hope you guys bear with me so I can be more open.
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I want money.
I want my prints too sell.
How much do people make here?
Does anyone do good?
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If my stuff catches on I'll do more.